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Hyderabad Wants Rs 1.53 Lakh Crores To Improvement Transport

Hyderabad: Hyderabad would basic to invest Rs 1.53 lakh crore in developing a complete transportation system for the city over the next 25 years as it develops to compete for the fourth largest tag in India.

Transport needs improvement in hyderabad

According to a United Nations report on the World Urbanization Outlook, Hyderabad is said to be one of the 30 most populous cities in the world and one of the top four in India with an estimated population of 1.28 crore 2030. However, the current infrastructure in the city does not support such a large population.

To prepare the city to face such a situation far beyond, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) circled in a Delhi-based consultant LEA Associates South Asia Pvt Ltd to make a contextual refinement of the comprehensive transportation study.

CTS was conducted by HMDA and LEA before the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation. However, the state government felt that the contextual refinement of the CTS report was necessary because of the formation of Telangana State.

The accessing firm will arrange short, medium and long term plans for the transport systems in Hyderabad, in addition to advising on plans for immediate implementation.

CTS has prepared transport plans for Metro Rail, Bus Rapid Transport System, Multi-model Transport System, inter-city rail corridors and others.

To broaden the transport organization, the HMDA study probable that the city involves an investment of Rs 47,550 crore by 2021, Rs 56,325 crore between 2022-2031 and Rs 49,490 crore between 2031 and 2041.

The study said the city requires an investment between Rs 5,000 crore and Rs 7,000 crore per year for the next 30 years to cope with current deficiencies and meet future needs.

Meet the expense of to the CTS report, the metro railway management is projected to be 417 km in the Hyderabad metropolitan area, which includes the existing 73 km project, the 438 km bus rapid transit system and Multi-model transport system should be extended up to 438 km, which includes 47 km of existing MMT.

A feasibility study is being conducted for the creation of 12 high-speed inter-city rail corridors. The report indicates that the road system should be developed over a length of 52,700 km, including 12,400 km of existing road network.

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Hyderabad Wants …

The government must develop infrastructure by various means by 2041. Here is a breakdown of the fund’s needs for different modes of transportation.

  • Metro rail Rs 84,520 cr
  • Fast transport for bus Rs 6 415 cr
  • MMTS Rs 3,280 cr
  • Roads 39 620 cr
  • Bus system Rs 4,750 cr
  • Terminals Rs 3,390 cr
  • Traffic Management Rs 11,390 cr
  • Total Rs 1.53.365 cr
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Hyderabad Wants Rs 1.53 Lakh Crores To Improvement Transport
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