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Hyderabad To Host ICT4D Conference In May

Hyderabad: Hyderabad is organizing the annual ICT4D conference this year from 15-18 May, bringing together public, private and civil society organizations from across the humanitarian and international development community.

ICT4D conference will take place 15 – 18 May, 2017, IST at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC).


Participants will share how they have used technological innovations to increase the impact of their work. Very interactive and practical, the conference will host a gallery of maps and an exhibition where innovations of products will be demonstrated firsthand.

The conference attracts a diverse audience of more than 1,000 technical, managerial and other advisors who provide a range of practical information on the application of technology to development challenges.

Keynote speakers and keynote speakers of the conference are now confirmed by governmental, international and Indian NGOs, private organizations and civil society, and include information and communication technologies (ICTs) and Development and world leaders of thought.

Jayant Sinha, Minister of Civil Aviation, Government of India, Rebecca Moore, Director of Engineering, Google Earth, Earth Engine and Earth Outreach, Google, Neil Sahota, IBM Master Inventor, IBM Watson Group, Anil Bhansali, Microsoft India (R & D), General Manager, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft India Development Center, Lauren Woodman, Chief Executive Officer, NetHope, Schuyler Thorup, Executive Vice President, Overseas Operations, Kate Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), Frederic Pivetta, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Dalberg Data Insights, Radha Basu, Chief Executive Officer, IMerit Technology Services will address the event.

Chuck Conley, non-profit organization and global organizations Account Director, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Dr. David Bergvinson, Director General, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) , Dipak Basu, Managing Director, Anudip Foundation, Michael Duggan, Chief Information Officer (Global), Oxfam International, Dr. Emmanuel Letouzé, Director and Co-Founder, Data Sharing Alliance, Dr. Shadrock Roberts, Ushahidi, Tyler Radford, Managing Director, Humanitarian Open Street Map Team (HOT), Rhiannan Price, Senior Manager, Seeing Better World Program, DigitalGlobe will also speak at the conference.

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The main themes of the plenary sessions will include the impact of digital transformation on development, innovations in data visualization and analysis, facilitators and barriers to the sharing of data and border solutions and their contribution To the achievement of sustainable development objectives.

In addition, ICT4D offers eight parallel conference tracks on agriculture, health, education, disaster management, financial inclusion, partnerships and cross-sectoral solutions and the data strategy; And Level C participants are invited to attend the popular leadership session.

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Hyderabad To Host ICT4D Conference In May
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