Monday , March 18 2019

Hyderabad: Summer still hides a storm


Hyderabad: Three incidents of extreme climatic conditions in the last two weeks, causing loss of life and property have left Hyderabad reeling. And experts say that there’s much more to come.

Meteorology experts from JNTU and the Met department say that the main reason behind these events are high temperatures Hyderabad has been experiencing. IMD as well as predicts that the mercury is set to rise again and can hit 41ºC on Sunday.

Dr. M Subbarao, the meteorologist from the Institute of Science and Technology, JNTU. said, “As the ground heats up, cumulonimbus clouds are formed by the updraft, meaning rising of heat air that additionally has water vapour. It keeps rising until a point wherever it cools to such temperature that it cannot hold the water droplets and causes rain.”

High wind speeds are generated by these clouds. Dr. Subbarao said, “At the maximum height of a cumulonimbus the air keeps current and therefore the pressure is extremely high. Naturally, at one point there is the draft. Air escapes from this high-pressure space to a nonaggressive space at the finish of the cloud. This is what emerges as high-speed winds which last for atiny low time, around 15 minutes, but live up to even a hundred kmph.”

Another reason for high-speed winds is usually other clouds square measure variable thanks to the extremely charged and aggressive setting of the thundercloud, causing a draft.

An IMD official same, “Such extreme weather phenomenon due to thundercloud clouds is dangerous and can continue until the monsoon. During monsoon too, such phenomena occur, but rarely. The clouds during monsoon square measure not as charged as thundercloud and that they square measure nearer to the bottom.”

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