Monday , March 25 2019

Hyderabad: Student jumps to death in college

Victim Errolla Bhavani was found to be having Rs 100 which one more girl reported to be missing and Errol was blamed to have stolen the money.


Hyderabad: Troubled after being disciplined by the college principal over a minor issue, a second-year Intermediate student committed suicide in Siddipet by jumping from the school building on Thursday. The victim has been recognized as Errolla Bhavani.

According to Police department, Bhavani was a second year Intermediate CEC scholar in Sai Chaitanya Junior College. Her younger sister Shivani is as well studying first year in the same college.

On Wednesday as her bus pass terminates, Bhavani burrowed `100 from a colleague and was preparing to get the renewal done in the evening while returning home. In the meantime, one of her classmates complained of loss of `100 from her bag.

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When the staff searched the bags of all students, `100 was found in Bhavani’s bag. Blaming her of theft, the college Principal Brahmananda Reddy reprimanded the girl in front of other students, due to which she was disturbed. She was quiet after reaching home also and did not have food at night. Later her sister Shivani told her parents about what take place in the school.

On Thursday morning, the sisters left to school as usual, but Bhavani was still sad and during the break, she jumped from the fourth floor of the building and committed suicide.

Police force registered a suspicious death case and given over the body to her parents after postmortem examination. The case is under enquiry.

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