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Hyderabad: Noisy Horns & Silencers Come Under Scanner

Hyderabad: The ban on using pressure horns and fancy silencers (which improve car engine noise) of cars and bicycles is essential to control noise pollution in the city, where noise levels are 15 per cent above the limits, Telangana Pollution Control Council.

Hyderabad noisy horns
Constant use of car horns, besides loud music from parties and events are the biggest sources of noise pollution in the Hyderabad city

The Pollution Control Council of Telangana Hyderabad also recommends that two of the major noise manufacturers – pressure horns and fancy silencers should be banned.

The constant use of car horns, besides the strong music of the parties and events are the greatest sources of noise pollution in the city. It is therefore essential to educate the public about the harmful effects of this constant noise.

A senior official of the TSPCB, on condition of anonymity, said: “Transport authorities should prohibit pressure holds, especially on private vehicles, as they are very worrying at night. Reserve more cases for the unnecessary horn and should educate people to avoid excessive chatter. It is urgent to put in place an “action plan” by the authorities concerned to control the levels of noise pollution. Usually 100 decibels, which is very worrying and dangerous for the people. Police sirens are only 75 decibels and, according to the rules established by the Supreme Court, even police cars and other emergency vehicles should maintain certain limits that is why even police vehicles and VIP convoys use red and blue lights instead of sirens in the city.

Hyderabad city of noise

T Ragunath, Assistant Commissioner of Transport, recalled that, under the Motor Vehicles Act, air horns and multi-tone horns were already banned within the city limits. “Large private buses use these horns in the city when they cannot use them on highways. Like drunk driving and other special drives, there should be special orders to monitor and book cases against Offenders against noise pollution.

“People should be made more aware that noise pollution is created by fancy silencers and the horn. In addition, the audience should be aware of the decibel level limits. Fines for offenders should also be increased, “he added.

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Abhiram Pyla, a cycling enthusiast and a computer professional from Hyderabad, said: “Instead of banning, I think a limit should be fixed keeping in mind the international brands. For example, foreign brands without special silencers are like any other vehicle. Where is the pleasure in this? Perhaps, keeping in mind the international standards, a limit should be set and all parties should be made aware of what includes the cops, riders etc. Otherwise there is a chance that the riders of Luxury cruisers could be harassed. When we boast about this being the best city to live in, we cannot form policies based on ancient laws and old beliefs.

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Hyderabad: Noisy Horns & Silencers Come Under Scanner
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