Monday , July 23 2018

Hyderabad more dynamic than London, finds survey.

Hyderabad innovation and technology are the key aspects for its high point in the rankings.

Major features that characterize the world’s most dynamic cities, apart from innovation and technology, are the ability of capitals to absorb, adapt and leverage.

Hyderabad: Hyderabadis are been living in the fifth greatest dynamic city in the world, ahead of London, Austin, and Boston. The city stands fifth in a review conducted by the World Economic Forum of the most dynamic capitals across the globe. Bengaluru decided the top spot.

In fact, India snatched the main from China as home to some of the world’s fastest moving cities, taking six of the top 30 places, compared to China’s five.

Hyderabad’s technology and innovation are the key factors for its great position in the rankings. Main factors that characterize the world’s most lively cities, apart from technology and innovation, are the capacity of cities to absorb, adapt and leverage.

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“What has turned out to be apparent is Bengaluru and Hyderabad is now becoming more firmly networked and is outperforming their state economies. The most popular cities seek to sustain momentum and innovation by cultivating their study and educational capabilities, and by investing in infrastructure,’ disclosed the analysis.

Over 42 variables from the city were observed. Forty percent weightage is given to socio-economic features — GDP, population, corporate headquarters air passengers, and foreign direct investment.

Thirty per cent weightage is on profitable real estate momentum, which encompasses changes linked to construction, rents, investment, etc.

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