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Hyderabad High Court set few guidelines for TV shows

Hyderabad high court set few guidelines against television program for abusing the feelings of people, profession, and society.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad high court set few methods against a television program on a vernacular news channel has raised, once again, the issue of whether guidelines should be necessitated concerning the content of TV shows.

The court aforesaid that TV shows, additional significantly comedy shows, were viewed by the general public at massive, which incorporates extremely educated, semi-literate and illiterate viewers and persons of rural background, and that the mockery of professions or persons in such shows could produce an adverse impression on the semi-literate and illiterate viewers from rural backgrounds.

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The television program the court had in mind was Jabardasth Katharnak Comedy Show, within which apparently insulting statements were made against judges and advocates.
The provisions under the Cinematograph Act, 1952, and the Cable television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995, would come into the notice only after the material has been broadcast, however, there’s no precautional mechanism to verify the content of entertainment or comedy shows before they’re telecast.

Films ought to be shown to the Censor Board for certification before they’re released and also the Board will certify the film once implementing the removal of no matter it considers objectionable.

Each and every individual can approach the Censor Board before the releasing of the film if he/she features a wise apprehension that certain scenes or content of a motion-picture show is probably going to harm or cause damage to the image of a particular group of persons. The Board can examine such protests.

There is no such mechanism in the case of television shows. Since in this specific case the profession claims it’s being abused, lawyers we spoke to believe that governments at Centre and at the state ought to examine these aspects and produce affectional tips to regulate the content of TV shows.

High Court advocate N. Sreedhar Reddy said that artistic work in the nature of a comedy show /short film or playing shouldn’t be allowed to harm the feelings of a profession /people /institution under the garb of being a literary work.
However, the question of liability of the producer, the telecast channel and also the artists involved within the show is debatable. each would throw blame on the others in the event of it becoming a problem. legally speaking, all the 3 are responsible under the relevant laws, he said.

Mr A. Santosh Kumar, who practices within the high court, observed that just adding a disclaimer doesn’t absolve the producer of ethical responsibility.

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