Tuesday , March 26 2019

HYDERABAD: Drying ATMs, People Feel Suffocated

Hyderabad: At least 95% of the 5000 ATMs in the city have become cashless at weekends. According to sources in the banking sector, it was due at the end of the year and the currency supply was slow in March.


People with a medical emergency had to bear the maximum weight because many ATMs were closed. If one believes that the creditors of the bank believe, the liquidity crisis will continue in the ATM for another week, as most species will be credited for wages and pensions. In addition to the automatic cash registers that have dried up in a few hours due to limited cashing, many automated teller machines also have technical problems.

‘No Cash’ boards on ATMs are back for residents in several parts of Hyderabad.

Months after demonetization, the city always tries to get back on its feet. Times of India felt that the government should take steps to ensure that ATM across the city have sufficient cash, especially on weekends when banks are closed for business.

The citizens also demand that the RBI immediately solve the problems. A bank employee observed that people were probably facing difficulties due to problems of offsite ATMS filling outside bank hours.

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According to the report published in Times of India, a private employee said: “The cash crunch still worries us. I searched for money in all the ATMS in the Dilsukhnagar area and even the biggest banks, the ATMs were dry. It’s stifling.

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HYDERABAD: Drying ATMs, People Feel Suffocated
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