Friday , March 22 2019

Hyderabad Becomes a Crossroads of International Drug Trade

Hyderabad: Seizure of the drug Ketamine, estimated at Rs 2.37 crore of a Hyderabadi passenger, at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, by customs officers earlier this week, was only the tip of the iceberg .


Huge haul of drugs at RGI airport exposes racket.

It turned out that he was trying to get drugs into Malaysia. A probe in the smuggler’s background revealed that it is part of a racket that pays synthetic drugs worth millions of dollars to the foreign market. Hyderabad is the center of manufacture of these criminals. They take control of their counterparts abroad and produce methamphetamine, ketamine, ephedrine and even Methaqualone (meth) in Hyderabad and smuggle to countries in Southeast Asia by thefts Airlines.

The growing number of small-scale pharmaceutical units in the suburbs of the city provides a thunderbolt to counterfeiters. Criminals use the facilities of these laboratories to produce drugs and pay the owners a fine amount. “Gangs typically take manufacturing units on rent for a few days and produce the material. It does not take much time for an experienced pharmacist to make a huge amount of synthetic drugs,” a senior police official said Rachakonda.

Pharmacists and other workers are usually hired temporarily, for which they are disconnected from racket managers. This makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to follow the royal legs.

The lack of coordination between various agencies, such as the Drug Control Administration, the State Police, the Revenue Intelligence Directorate, the Customs Service, sometimes helps senior executives to escape before the first Racket patterns are trapped. “When customs officers capture a ferryman at the airport, they try to investigate the case, but the ministry has so many limitations, it’s hard for them to get out on the ground, where drug production actually happens , And track down the leaders of the racket, “said a former customs official.

City policemen often raid according to their intelligence inputs and jostle a few gangs, but most of the time they cannot find the “brains”. After an interval, some new snowshoes are formed under the direction of these suspects.

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Police officials say they arrest laboratory owners every time they disturb snowshoes. But given that there are dozens of laboratories active, it is not difficult for drug rackets to find a new one and move on with their business.

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