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Hyderabad All Set To Hop On To Hyperloop?

HYDERABAD: Move on the Metro. Hyderabadis can live his dreams of science fiction, traveling in a few minutes in the city and other cities in the not so distant future, if this American start has its way.


Created in 2013, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has worked on the concept of an Elon Musk tube transport system that can carry people faster than the speed of sound (1234.8 km per hour).

The president and co-founder of HTT, Bibop Gresta, who is in the city to meet with officials of the Telangana government, said Hyperloop would not be the fastest but also the safest mass transport. “Hyperloop has the advantages of an airplane but without any of its risks,” said Gresta. “The Hyperloop’s are built on pylons or underground.

In the event of an emergency, the tube, where there is a problem, can be sealed, air can be reinjected and people can be evacuated, “Gresta explains, adding that the emergency response time is approximately 6.4 seconds, making it one of the safest transport systems available.

Regarding the cost component, Gresta stated that, on average, it would cost about $ 20-40 million for the construction of Hyperloop transport per km, but this would vary from place to place and could be lowered according to access to new technologies and resources in a particular region.

He added that, at that time, it would be difficult to talk about passenger fares because many would depend on governments. However, to give an idea of ​​the rates envisaged abroad, he said that the company estimated an average ticket price of $ 30 per passenger between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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“It’s not just speed but efficiency that is the coolest thing about Hyperloop. By using a combination of renewable energy, it can generate more electricity than it consumes, which allows it to sell electricity to dramatically reduce costs per passenger, “he added.

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Hyderabad All Set To Hop On To Hyperloop?
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