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Hyderabad: A Retirement Haven

Hyderabad has greeted the youth with its attractive trek trail to Golconda Fort and the vivacious party scene.


Hyderabad is greeting the youth with its attractive trek trail to Golconda Fort and the exciting party scene, it has also encompassed senior citizens from other regions too, who have selected this city as their favored place to devote their dusk years.

Hyderabad has an opulent culture: James Michael Lyngdoh, previous Chief Election Commissioner

I am a resident of Meghalaya, having worked in Delhi for several years. I moved to Hyderabad in the year 2004, post retirement, in spite of having no networks here. A long time before, I had stayed the Chevella region. I was taken aback by the pleasing curving road to the place. That was when I thought of thinking about moving. The city has an ironic culture. Also, Hyderabadis have a good sense of humor, and know how to joke it off.

Any ex-officer would like the city: Amitava Sarker and Anurupa, Retired Brigadier and his spouse

Secunderabad has the finest cantonment in nation and any ex-officer would like to halt here. Even geologically, this is the place that is free of violation. As with persons from the army, my spouse and I too have survived in cities all over the country. However, we selected Hyderabad. I was a seaman, when I first came to the city in 1975, with my spouse, to partake in the Monsoon Regatta. Anurupa, says, “That sundown, we joined a dinner at Secunderabad club, and I said very calmly that this would be a beautiful place to live in. After several years, here we are.”

Truly cosmopolitan city: Umesh Kumar, Retired additional Deputy General of Police

Initially from Uttar Pradesh, I had no ideas of going back. I was allocated to the Andhra Pradesh cadre and moved to Hyderabad in the year 1977. Having expended three decades here, I urbanized a very close association with this city. There is a saying that anybody who drinks the water from the Gandipet Lake, will endure here for the respite of their lives. That is what occurred with me. Persons settle here since it is so friendly. It is really cosmopolitan. Every single festival that is area specific is famous here. That is the magic of Hyderabad.


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