Tuesday , April 23 2019

Hyderabad 40 per cent fruit goes waste as storage isn’t cold

Telangana lacks cold storage to keep fruits fresh nutritious.

Telangana lacks cold storage to keep fruits fresh nutritious.

In Telangana state Cold storage facilities and better transportation of fruits particularly introduced fruit is important to ensure that fruits remain fresh and retain their nutritious value, here food marketers estimate that 40 per cent of fruits are unexploited due to indecorous storing handling and transport, of the 70 granaries in Hyderabad only 25 are operative correctly.

As report came, it say’s Mr Tarun Arora a food analyst said about, that there is more wastage of fruits in the southern and western areas of India due to the tropical and moist weather. And fruits need low fevers so places like Gujarat and TS state where temperatures can go above 44º Centigrade see fruits getting spoiled more often than before.

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Here, in the state cold storage accommodations require to be upgraded in both transference and salvation. Right preservation warrants that the quality of food is maintained and also helps to do away with microorganisms, and the key challenge is in transit of these fruits from one place to additional. Here while the demand has increased by 30 per cent, due to the high cost of transportation and conservation and it is not being completely met.

As per the report, in 2015 year India imported 3.5 lakh metric tonnes of fruits from other countries and the fruit is stored in 6300 cold storage facilities in and around the country as of now, and according to a senior food inspector, quality of storage is not up to the mark and that is one of the prime details for spoilage of berries. And of the 70 warehouses in Hyderabad and only 25 are operational properly while others have constant system disappointments, here low temperatures have to be maintained which is not being sufficiently done and that is leading to losses officials said at the meet.

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