Tuesday , October 25 2016

Hyderabad 13 year old girl dies after 68 days fasting as per Jain rituals

Above 600 people attended for 13 year old girl funeral and hailed her as a bal tapasvi.

Above 600 people attended for 13 year old girl funeral and hailed her as a bal tapasvi.

In Hyderabad 13 year old girl died last week after 68 days fasting during the Jain holy retro called Chaumasa in the city.

Rendering to a NDTV report the girl name called Aradhana was admitted to a hospital just two days after she finished her 68 days fast where she died of cardiac isuue. To her funeral about 600 people attended and hailed her as a bal tapasvi after all.

This has been a repetition for people to assume severe penance when they give up even food and aquatic. All they are glorified lauded and honoured at public meetings by the religious heads. All they are also showered with gifts and but in this case it was a minor and that is my opposition, and this is suicide if not murder a member of the community Lata Jain was said.

She is a class 8 student was allowed to give up school so she could fast and people known to the domestic said that the girl had earlier started a fast of 41 days and endured, as per the B Sumathi Deputy Commissioner of Police a case would be filed after a initial autopsy into the incident, as of now she said we have made an entry in the general dairy.

Her a  local NGO Balala Hakkula Sangham Child Rights Association had the past wrote a letter to Hyderabad Police Commissioner seeking an inquiry into the girl’s death previous this week as report.

NGO had alleged that the minor domestic members and other public elders made her commence a fast for over 60 days as part of a ceremonial.

Girl was studying 8th class in St Francis School in Hyderabad and she was on fast for 68 days, it was over on October 1st and she was on a liquid diet for the first two days.

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