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HTTPS: Secure Your Site and Boost Your SEO

SEO plays a major role in any kind of industry as is the key to rank higher in search engines and is responsible to boost the revenue of any business website.


Normally, people want their company websites to rank top in Google searches. Though many insist by their personal bag of tricks, the fact is that much of search engine optimization is just a speculation.

Yet, we have good news. Google amenably acknowledges that it ranks sites by using HTTPS.

Here, we will explore how adding an SSL certificate can boost your SEO and bring out more clients to your site.  With HTTPS, your website rankings can go high!

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stances for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the internet communication protocol that encodes data so that it cannot be captured and exploited by the third party.

HTTPS websites make use of SSL or TLS protocols to safe data transfer and make sure that it has not been changed or tainted along the way.

You know you are on a website by using this encryption since the URL will show HTTPS in the search engine browser address bar rather than simply HTTP.  Here you will also see a padlock icon.

If you go to a secured website by using a normal HTTP address, the website should instantly redirect you to the secured version.

How Does HTTPS Work?

To add HTTPS to your business website, you should purchase a security certificate (SSL) from a Web Hosting merchant like GoDaddy, Namecheap or Hostgator. The service provider then provides your information to Certificate Authority (CA) like Symantec or Comodo. Moreover, these CAs issue the “certificate,” which is a cryptographic key that guards the data.

It is significant to note that there are diverse levels of SSLs, whereas they all offer the HTTPS prefix, they don’t provide equal protections for your website.

We endorse Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates, as these are the utmost and most safe certificates, and are perfect for all websites that need the broadcast of private data.

EV SSLs confirm that the website owner is the permissible owner of the commercial and the domain name. In turn, this assures visitors that they are on the genuine website for the company. EV certificates also make the address bar green colour and add a website seal to further validate the website.

Google delivers a great article that clarifies HTTPS and SSL Certificates as well as a supportive video demonstration on HTTPS.

How do SSL Certificates Aid with SEO?

Moreover, to secure website transactions and imparting confidence amid your clients, SSL certificates also enhance your search engine optimization or SEO.

Google in exact has pliably acknowledged that it favors business website URLs that start with HTTPS, which is only conceivable with an SSL certificate. In 2015 December, Google ranks high HTTPS links when compared to HTTP links, giving a lift to sites that make use of SSL certificates.

Moreover, websites that approve ownership and protect users’ privacy and transactions will rank high on Google than those that do not.

How Can You Get Started with HTTPS?

When you are ready to take your company website to the next level to protect your users’ data and dealings, with Domain Registration firms, you can select from diverse levels of security, based on your website’s requirements.

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