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Hrithik Roshan: The best compliment has been from my sons

Hrithik Roshan speaks about the accomplishment of his recent movie Kaabil.


Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil is doing miracles at the box office and the hero has received new adoration from his fans as well as greetings from the likes of Rekha, who said this was one of the hero’s best presentations till date. Getting high on his accomplishment, Hrithik Roshan says about the accomplishment of Kaabil, how the main compliments, for him, were from his sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan, and more.

Kaabil has gathered a positive response and is also going tough at the box office. Were you guessing this type of response?

I felt that it’s a good movie and I was supposing a good response but this has really been unexpected. The type of praise that’s coming in is combined with dignity and respect. It added so much more to a normal success. I loved the way people are seeing all the minute things.

Which has been the best praise that you have received so far for your presentation in Kaabil?

Each student of cinema wishes that pat in the back. So the admirations of all my gurus and people that I look up to were incredible. The best compliment has been from my sons. They have seen the movie and said this is the best Hindi movie ever made. That was so pleasant to hear. They are very truthful critics of mine; they never gave me more than 7.5 on 10. So this was a great praise.

You have always been hyped as the stylish actor in Bollywood what’s style for you?
I don’t know more about style but I do have the impression about what looks good on me. Mostly, style is about self-assurance and that confidence makes you relaxed with whatever you wear. I consider style is about the individual appearance of what you are.

Who do you look up to when it comes to fashion?

I should say my stylists are the people I look up to since they support me. Rekha is somebody else that I look up to, not because of her style but just her alluring persona. I have no words for the sort of love and backing she has given me. She has been a vast support in my life.

Do you desire for awards?

Awards are significant to motivate the young ambitious stars and it’s the response of your work, of course, it’s a source of celebration. But it’s significant to respect them, never desire for them since it’s given by human beings and not by God.


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