Wednesday , January 23 2019

Hrithik Roshan mania grips Kochi

Hrithik Roshan, who was in Kochi, was surprised to see the big crowd waiting to get a sight of him.


The central open space at the Lulu Mall and all staircases are packed. Everybody is eager. Only a single name echoes in the air — Hrithik Roshan. Not one person is tired. All they want is to get a glimpse of their favorite hero. “Just hold your breath,” speaks the host of the illustration and it looks like everybody certainly holds their breath for an instant. Then, there is no signal of him coming and the host lobs a few questions to the mob about the actor and his movies to which they fervently retort. Some move out to sing songs from his cinemas.

A flashy cheer vents from the rear side of the platform and all eyes go to the lift. There comes the hero with a suit and goggles. ‘Hrithik! Hrithik!,’ the mob shouts in delight. And, Hrithik is surprised by his giant fan base in Kerala. “Eniku ningale ishtam aanu,” he starts the conversation, waves at his admirers and throws them flying kisses. He was in Kochi to launch a new lavish watch series.  “So much love for you. This is incredible. Thank you so much, Kerala,” he doesn’t conceal his amazement.

And he promises that he would be back. “I am gonna come back and spend one complete week here. I have overheard about Ayurveda and want to practice that,” he says and shocks his fans saying that he would come here for the shooting also. “Once Krrish 4 occurs, I will come to Kochi for the movie shooting,” he smiles. When he is about to leave the stage, troop asks him to dance. ‘Who wishes to dance with me?’ he probes. A girl and a boy come on the platform and without any reluctance; he dances with them to the blows of the title track from his picture Bang Bang. In the end, he simply lifts up the girl. He gains all hearts. As we relax for a small chat later, he speaks about the new watch he has just got. “The watch is so light and I feel like flying like Krissh,” he giggles. “I think I am having about 10- 20 watches and all are free as I am the brand ambassador. I am so lucky to signify the brand I like,” he says.

Questioned about his favorite superhero, comes the answer, “My hero is Rajini sir,” he speaks. Though he has not performed in Malayalam pictures, he likes watching them. “I saw many pictures of Mohanlal sir and Mammootty sir however I cannot speak the names of the movies,” he smiles. Would you wish to come to Kerala and make movies with them? “Of course, it would be an honor to act with those legendary actors. I love doing that” says Hrithik who performs a visually-challenged guy Rohan Bhatnagar in his latest release Kaabil.

Was it seriously hard to act as a blind person? “It was hard but at the similar time there was so much desire in doing that. I was actually inspired by the story and I am contented with the victory of the movie. It was a small movie and has got much love that it has become great now. I am very contented for the crew and all the love given for Rohan and Supriya, two normal and vulnerable people with so many valors in their hearts. The way Supriya loves Rohan and vice-versa is the rightest form of love. Like in each relationship, theirs also go through dark stages. But, they love each other in spite of everything. I hope everybody in the world would love each other in spite of all shortcomings, difficulties and confusions. Love will last forever. It will bring you joy in the end. Keep maintaining that,” he concludes.


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