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Hrithik Roshan: Love is an Illusion

Hrithik Roshan speaks about Kaabil, being a “global star” and his family.


Much has been stated and written about the future ‘clash’ amid SRK’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil, but Hrithik Roshan is just back from a family break, looking fit and well, as he admits, “I am feeling comfortable at the instant.”

The hero says it feels great when persons from India call him a “Global Star”. But ask him if he is intense on doing Hollywood movies, and he replies, “When people here have given me the title of “International Star”, there is no necessity for me to work in Hollywood!”

Flattering fellow actor Priyanka Chopra for doing well in Hollywood, he says, “Priyanka is a very brilliant actor. We can assume much more from her as she always shocks us with her acts.”

When inquired why he says the Khans have not yet tried their windfall in Hollywood, Hrithik speaks, “I usually won’t think that’s their aim. Perhaps their final aim is to do good movies here in Bollywood.”

With Kaabil and Raees releasing on the similar date, Hrithik says, “They perhaps could not find a suitable date other than 25 January. Yet, Shah Rukh Khan and I are friends. Moreover, friendship and business are two diverse things, but we will stay friends forever.”

Directing to the topic of playing a visually impaired role in the movie, Hrithik clarifies, “This role needed to be played fairly. Though we could see, we had to pretend being visually impaired. It was perplexing but a great learning experience for me.”

Hrithik praises his co-star Yami Gautam. “Short of Yami, this movie would have not been thinkable at all. You’ll have to lookout her grand performance to see how she has done righteousness to her role.”

Hrithik says, “I always let my kids to do whatever they wish to experience, but I clarify the good and bad impacts of their actions to them. They should tread their own trail, fall, get up and keep hiking. I do not wish to divest them of trying something.”

“When they saw my movie Mohenjo Daro, they came home and said me, ‘Papa the movie is good’! Perhaps they must have heard about the picture not having done well at the Box Office. Also after viewing the trailer of Kaabil, they gave me 8.5 out of 10!” he utters with a smile.

About his father, producer-director Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik, the dedicated son, says, “My father does regular exercises to stay fit and healthy. But if he misses even a particular day, I instantly remind him to do it the next day.”

Hrithik being the loving at heart says, “Love is just an illusion. All the effects that you hear and see don’t happen. Romance ke baad jo love rehta hai, now that’s not an illusion. It’s real.”


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Hrithik Roshan: Love is an Illusion
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