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Hrithik Roshan: I have Experienced Depression

Hrithik Roshan says concerns relating to mental health must be vocalized coolly.


Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan says that he has gone through several ups and downs in his private life and been over depression, but it is something that should not be slurred.

Hrithik says concerns linking to mental strength must be vocalized casually and not as if it is somewhat which can’t be treated.

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“I have been over my ups and downs. I have undergone depression; I have skilled confusion, as we all do. It is a very usual thing. We need to be so casual about it when we talk about it. It should be vocalized casually,” he told.

The 42 years actor was talking at the launch of M Power’s Everyday Heroes movement that urges people to take and fight with mental disorders.

Hrithik expressed the ups and downs that he has experience were essential as it aided him grow as a person.

“I experienced many issues in my own personal life; we normally go through ups and downs. The ups are vital; the downs are also significant since you grow through both of them.”

“While you go through a sad moment then the most significant thing is clearness of thought. Occasionally your brain takes above, feeds you with unsolicited thoughts.

“That is the time you want objectivity, a second person to look at you and say this is what is happening to you,” said the well-known star who initiated his career with the movie Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai in 2000. The artist said he saw numerous of his friends mutely fight depression and other cerebral issues which provoked him to dig deep into the issue.

“About, why when we are anguish from stomach or kidney problems, we are so calm and casual about it. Why when we have a difficult with brain, which is also a body part, we get fearful and feel as if it is our fault and we need to hide it from persons. Everyone at some point of life is going to go over some mental issue,” he said.

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