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How to Transfer a Google Domain Name to a Godaddy Hosting


This article will teach you how to transfer a Google domain to Godaddy hosting. I found it awfully annoying that there are no decent guidelines out there about how to alter Google Domain to Godaddy website. This procedure takes a few steps and will more than probably take you a couple days to complete, but stay with me and we will get over it.

The initial thing you need to do is have an account at Godaddy hosting where you want your Google portal to be transferred to.

Now, you need to have the account set up, log in and go to the upper “Domains” dropdown tab and choose “Transfer Domains to Godaddy”. Type the website portal name you desire to transfer from Google and click “Go”. If the domain name is existing for transfer, tick “Proceed to Checkout”. Go through the checkout procedure and pay for the transmission. You will receive several emails from GoDaddy, one of which will comprise transfer codes for your domain, so don’t trash these emails.

Check the domain name’s secretarial contact (admin) email (or registrant contact’s email for .com domains) from GoDaddy Hosting email. The email covers the transaction ID and security code you will need to permit the transfer.

To Check the Progress of a domain name transfer to GoDaddy Hosting:

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Email Settings
  2. Next to Domains, go to Manage.
  3. From the Domainsmenu, click Transfers.
  4. Click Pending Transfers Into see pending transformations to
  5. If you have a transfer happening, the columns display information for each domain name:
    • Status—Shows the domain name’s present status in the transfer process. For more info about a domain name’s transfer status, hang over its progress bar, tick the ? icon, or click the Action Required or Error link that shows (if relevant).
    • Admin Email—shows the admin email address presently associated with the domain name. This is the email address to which we and your present registrar send all transfer statistics.


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