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How to transfer a domain from Google Apps to Namecheap Domain

Google is the leading Business firm that provides a great number of applications.



If you got your business domain name when signing up for Google Apps, this shows that it was enumerated by Google. Moreover, Google itself, as a company, does not deliver domain name registration services and is using third-party web hosting services instead. Yet, you can still transfer your domain name out by using the entrance to the domain controls through Google.

Before the domain hosting can be transferred, it requires to be prepared for the transmission. It should:

  • Should be more than 60 days old
  • Should be unlocked for transfer
  • Have your contact email registered in WHOIS
  • Should not be privacy protected

Step 1 – Recognizing the domain registrar of your Google Apps domain

Initially, you should find out which registrar your domain is listed with. To do so, login to your Google Admin console, and go to your Domains tab. Your domain name is probably listed with GoDaddy hosting, Enom, or Domaindiscount24. Otherwise, you can use our Whois tool to check the registrar.

Step 2 – unlocking your domain

All domains have a safety feature that averts them from being moved to another company without approval. Before you can initiate the transfer, the domain must be unlocked.

  1. If your registrar belongs to GoDaddy Hosting

In the Domains segment of your Google Admin console, select Advanced DNS Settings. This will move you away from Google and to a GoDaddy web Hosting login page. When there, go to the Domain Control Center. Check the domain you wish to change, and pick Locking above the list of domains. Click ‘Unlock’, and then click OK.

Then, you should go to https://www.domainsbyproxy.com/ and click Log In > Forgot Your Contact Information. You can get the login information by using the email address you used to sign up with Google Mail Hosting. Log in to Domains by Proxy (this is GoDaddy’s remote registration service), and stop WHOIS privacy for your domain. If privacy is permitted, the transfer won’t happen.

  1. If your registrar is Enom

If your domain is listed with Enom, you can email their customer support team at googleclients@enom.com, and request them to unlock your domain hosting.

  1. If your registrar is DomainDiscount24 or any other one

If your domain name registration is delivered by DomainDiscount24 or another registrar, you can contact them straight to unlock your domain. DomainDiscount24 can be available at support@domaindiscount24.com

Step 3 – Getting Auth/EPP code for the domain

The Auth/EPP code is additional transfer security feature. This code is compulsory to domain transfer.

  1. If your registrar is from GoDaddy Hosting

When the Domains by Proxy privacy service for your domain is deactivated, you can request the approval code for your domain by signing to your Google Admin console > Domains > Advanced DNS Settings, and logging in to the GoDaddy interface. There, click on your domain name in the list, and find the Authorization Code tab, then choose Send by Email. You will then get an email with your authorization code.

  1. If your registrar is Enom

To attain your Auth/EPP code from Enom, you need to send an email to googleclients@enom.com, and deliver your domain password as well as a short description of your request. Your domain password can be obtained by going to your Google Apps account > Domains > Advanced DNS Settings. Do not overlook to also request to unlock your domain, since the transfer will flop if the domain is locked.

  1. If your registrar is DomainDiscount24 or any other one

To recieve your Auth/EPP code from DomainDiscount24 or other domain hosting companies it is essential to contact them directly and embrace the request to unlock your domain for transmissions in the EPP request.

Step 4 – Succumbing the transfer request in Namecheap

Once your domain is all set to transfer domain to namecheap, and you have got the Auth/EPP code, you should check that your domain has the precise admin contact email by making use of our Whois tool.

When you have made certain that the domain’s Administrative Contact displays an email address you can utilize, you can go to our Domains > Transfer a Domain page, and succumb the transfer domain to namecheap using your EPP code. In 24 hours, you will receive a consent email from donotreply@name-services.com. After the transfer is accepted by clicking the link in this email, it will be done within 5 days though your old registrar releases the domain.

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