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How To Speed Up Your Site For SEO

SEO is the most prominent Digital Marketing Strategy that can make your business visible online and can fetch you good rankings in SERP.


Search engines like Google use several thousands of diverse signals to define which websites rank high for every single keyword. There are numerous ways to get your business website to rank high. For a sample, it’s normal for search engine optimization experts to the emphasis on optimization strategies like building high-quality links, or ensure the keyword is on the right page of your company website. One method which can also be used to improve your rankings is the speed at which your site loads. Google cares more about site speed these days since mobile devices incline to have slower internet connections, which leads to slow-loading websites having higher bounce rates on mobile devices.

Use Smaller Images

Text loads quickly on most of the websites, and typically even pages with some thousands of words of text don’t have slow loading on mobile devices. Yet, images load more slowly than text. It’s normal for webmasters not to realize that the images, which can increase your load times for average users. Preferably, you need to ensure that all the images are below 100kb in size, which even mobile 3g connections can load fast.

Use Less Rich media

Alike images, any rich media will slow your website. Excessive Media usage will definitely hurt the user experience with slow load times. If you are loading video or audio from your server, consider dropping the file size of the content as small as possible.

Use Faster Servers

Whatever the content you are having on your website, the speed at which your server conveys your content will have a great impact on your website’s load time. The average shared hosting plan from GoDaddy or Namecheap is reasonable for a reason — it’s not typically very fast. If you pay for a better hosting plan, preferably a devoted virtual private server, you get fast load times and lesser bounce rates.

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool

Google offers a tool for webmasters to check their load speed associated with other websites by the name PageSpeed Insights Tool. You can submit your URL and get a checklist of products which are negatively influencing your website’s load speed. Take a note of the main items, and start enlightening them one by one.

Convert New Posts to AMP

AMP is a new open source strategy for mobile devices used by Google, which abbreviates “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. The AMP standard alters how mobile users see your website’s content. As an alternative of all the content loading, Google files its own version of your website, doffing it down to typically just HTML, ensuring mobile devices can load it more fast. AMP pages are favored by Google on mobile searches. If you have a WordPress website, you can deploy AMP pages simply by using the AMP plugin.

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