Thursday , February 21 2019

Hollywood City Attorney was arrested on DUI charges

City Attorney Jeff Sheffel was under arrest on DUI charges on Sunday night after he driven his car onto a footpath on a bridge through the Intracoastal Waterway.


He had stopped when the car got held amid a concrete wall and guard rails along the Hollywood Boulevard Bridge, cops say. To move out of his car, Sheffel had mounted over the driver’s side window.

At the instant, Sheffel was surprised, tangled and smelled of alcohol, a police report speaks.

Sheffel, 57 years old, told the Sun Sentinel he would fall asleep at the wheel but was not drunk at that time.

He endorsed his sleepiness to lack of sleep, omitted his dose of diabetes medicine and being in the sun complete day at the city’s St. Patrick’s Day festival.

“Till I have spoken with a lawyer, I won’t say much,” he said. “I mean to fight the charge. I will be at work tomorrow.”

Sheffel’s accident happened just before 6 PM on Sunday, when Hollywood’s St. Patrick’s Day festival was draping up. Former in the day, he had driven on a parade float down Hollywood Boulevard with the whole city commission.

It was uncertain Monday whether his capture would distress his job as city attorney. He has been with Hollywood from May 1, 2008.

Sheffel paid $1,500 bail on Monday morning after being in the jail one complete night.

As of Sheffel’s position as city attorney, Hollywood cops called the Broward Sheriff’s Office to knob the DUI examination to avoid any arrival of conflict.

Sheffel wilted to take a breath test but agreed to a voluntary field sobriety test on Sunday. He was failed in that test and was imprisoned at 8:30 p.m., a police report states.

Commissioner Debra Case said that she had a couple of beers with Sheffel after the carnival but had no contact with later.

“It’s so sad,” she said of his capture. “He’s always been a Steady Eddie. I consider he is an amazing attorney for us. I never think he lost his job over this.”

“Jeff has been a great city employee and has done his job well,” Levy said. “This is an incidence of first occurrence for him and I hope that if he needs assistance, that he gets it.”

“Jeff has been a longtime employee,” Bober said. “I think he has worked hard. I certainly believe in innocent till proven guilty. I definitely feel for him. It’s got to be hard to have your name in news for something bad like this.”

Sheffel is not the first Hollywood employee to face DUI charges. Previous City Manager Doug Hewett was charged with DUI in the month of April 2012 and resigned after 14 weeks on the job.

Commissioner Peter Hernandez, who has conflicted with Sheffel, waned to say whether he intended to push for his release at this week’s commission meeting.

“I was just stunned and thankful no one was injured,” Hernandez said on Monday. “I donno know if this will come up on Wednesday. I don’t even know if he will be there. He might decide to resign.”

Commissioners had given Sheffel a 4 percent rise in last month, taking his salary to $210,000.


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