Wednesday , January 23 2019

High demand for fancy numbers in Thiruvananthapuram.

There will be public sale for nearby 20 numbers for which there are more than 1 booking.

Within a day of the inaugural of the booking for the new sequences starting with ‘CA’ (KL-01-CA), over 60 numbers were booked.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With a new series of registering numbers all set to begin in the state capital, numerous, including NRK businessman M.A. Yusuf Ali, are in the fight for fancy numbers. Within a day of the inaugural of the booking for the new series starting with ‘CA’ (KL-01-CA), over 60 numbers were reserved. There will be Dutch auction for about 20 numbers for which more than one person have booked. Several chartered accountants are also learnt to be in the fracas as ‘CA’ is the small form of chartered accountant.

Mr Yusuff Ali has reserved five numbers, as well as CA-1, CA-3, CA-5, CA-7 and CA-9. Of this, no one has yet reserved CA-1, whereas other numbers have been ordered by others also. It is learnt that the number is being held in reserve for his new BMW value about Rs  1.75 crore.

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Sources at the Thiruvananthapuram Regional Transport Office supposed that over the last couple of months there had been many queries on when the new series would initiate. There was also a decline in the sum of vehicle registrations over the earlier few weeks as many were taking temporary registration till the new series arises.

Every single week, about 2,500 numbers would be released for booking and auction would be prepared in case more than one person books a digit. A person can reserve several numbers of numbers. While the least booking fee for an ordinary numeral is Rs  3,000, there are a set of notified numbers for which the booking charges is in the range of Rs  5,000 to Rs  1 lakh. No. 1 fetches the maximum booking value of Rs  1 lakh. Auction would be held on each Monday. Over these existences the state capital had witnessed full auctions, the latest being KL-01-BY-1 which raised Rs  8.5 lakh.

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