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Here’s why nobody wanted to sign up for Kahaani 2

Kahaani 2 movie trailer is one extensive deja vu, that doesn’t make an influence.


The movie trailer of Kahaani 2 offers you a sense of why several actresses said NO in acting this movie. First, the heroine from the first Kahaani, Vidya Balan said NO to the film, how-could-she-do-this-to-me kind of disgrace from the director Sujoy Ghosh who darted to Kangna Ranaut.

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At that instance of time the venture was called Durga Rani Singh and was destined to be a story of a courageous cop. So when did the police heroine withdraw from the script?

When the story went to Kangana, she took approximately two months to choose she didn’t wish to do it. Sujoy then had taken the story to Kareena Kapoor Khan who promptly said no to the movie.

Tired, Sujoy lucked out once Aishwarya Rai Bachchan loved the script and decided to do it. Then again, Sujoy had second considerations since the first choice, Vidya Balan said YES. What made Vidya alter her mind? Would it be the statistic that all her movies since Kahaani in 2012 had blown-up? Without a by-your-leave from Aishwarya, Sujoy silently and rapidly signed Balan and Rai was overlooked.

The movie trailer of Kahaani 2 unlocks well with Vidya doing the concerned mother’s act with heart spraining scrupulosity. Mom gets a call from the kidnapper, goes out, gets bashed down and goes into a loss of consciousness. So far, so worthy. Then then the trailer disrupts as it continues to stuff in every kind of red herring, counting a kidnap-murder-charge contrary to the heroine.

Interestedly, numerous films this year have had the leading role bonding with a small girl—Jack Reacher, Rocky Handsome, Shivaay. Aspects like Bajrangi Bhaijaan have had its impact.

The small girl who performs Vidya Balan’s daughter in Kahaani 2 keeps eloquent, “They don’t let me nap. I have to fix this.” Would that be the scriptwriter’s line?


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Here’s why nobody wanted to sign up for Kahaani 2
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