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Here’s how to use: WhatsApp new Status feature is now accessible for all

WhatsApp Status lets the new feature which users can upload GIF’s photos and videos to their contacts is now live across the world.


WhatsApp Status, the new feature which lets users upload their photos and videos to their contacts to see. The feature is live on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones all across the world. WhatsApp new Status, which is totally inspired by Snapchat’s Stories, has announced earlier this week by the company.

Status works exactly as Stories on Snapchat and Instagram. Now on iOS, Status now has its own tab on extreme left at the bottom, followed by Calls then Camera in the middle and then followed by Chats and then Settings. On Android, the tabs are well-ordered like this- Camera, Chats, Status and then followed by Calls.

So what does Status do and what’s the new point? Think as it is a way of broadcasting something fun to contacts in one go, except it will not show in their individual chats, but rather in their Status tab. Remember this the new WhatsApp ‘Status’ stories last only for 24 hours. They will disappear after this period of duration.


Firstly just go to your Status tab. Then just hit on that broken circle with the plus symbol on top of it, the one which is similar to how you post your Stories on Instagram. The camera opens, and then you can long press to shoot a video. You can send a video or edit as a GIF. Or just take a photo like you do normally and then just hit send on Status.

WhatsApp lets you control who can see your Status update as well. In WhatsApp’s Status tab on IOS, there’s also a privacy option on the top right. You will have three options like “my contacts,” “contacts except…” and then “only share with…” for your story. On Android, the Status Privacy option is in the settings. Just tap on three dots which is on top of WhatsApp Homepage, and then you’ll see Status Privacy option on top.  You can choose from the three options.

Just like Snapchat, you can see how many have viewed your story, WhatsApp will let you do the same. Just tap the eye icon at the bottom of any Status update to view and make a list of contacts who have seen your update.

wats app new status

You can also reply or comment to someone’s Status update. There is a reply button so that you can comment on any photo, video, or GIF. Once you tap to reply, your message will be sent as a WhatsApp chat with a thumbnail of the Status update. It’s not clear that if the message will also be deleted after 24 hours.

Below your Status, you’ll see little round heads of your contacts in a blue circle. This blue circle indicates they also have a ‘Status’ you can check out. You can tap on these status updates to move from one contact to another.

Status might be a revamped version of Story, but given WhatsApp’s one billion users, will not be surprised if a lot more people start using it.


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Here’s how to use: WhatsApp new Status feature is now accessible for all
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