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Harry Potter is the well-known character of Hollywood movies


The most famous fiction movie HARRY POTTER, lead actor Daniel Radcliff gave a sensational statement. He was a 27 years young Hollywood actor. He is well known by worldwide. All the people were mostly aware of the famous magical Hogwarts school in the harry potter movie. And this made actor Daniel Radcliff the actor who played the role of harry potter character in the movie. And he was well known in his character to whole world, and everyone had seen him more closely with his character. And this made everyone to view him as the best student of Hogwarts School in the movie, and people were shocked by his statement.

And he made a statement to the Femalefirst. He said that, he had a bad habit of losing lighters. And so that he used to end up asking others for a lighter. And he also said that, he was more interested roll-ups while smoking. This was said by him in an interview.

Most of the people don’t expect him with a cigar. And the people used to get surprised as soon as he asked for a lighter. And most of the Harry potter fans were staring at him

He also had shared his experience with people. He used to ask someone nearby strangers for a lighter to light-up his cigar. But it ended with a strange expression in their faces, as they used to feel like they were making a crime of giving Harry potter cancer and this was making him end up with a kick out of asking for a lighter. And he stated this in an interview.

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