Thursday , March 21 2019

Hardware Problems Make Google Pixel Mobiles Sense like Expensive Beta Products


Here there are many things to like about the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google’s new flagship smart Mobiles. The cameras on both smartphones have been constantly esteemed by critics, Google Assistant is the best simulated assistant we have on a smartphone to date, Android 7.1 Nougat is indigestible smooth and highly functional, and the unlimited full-resolution reserves of photos and videos on Google Photos is the cherry on the cake.

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With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 essentially going up in smoke, Android was desperately in need of a top-end smartphone, and the Pixels appeared at just the correct  time to fill the gap.

Not every person appreciated the high price of the Pixels – at Rs. 57,000 for the starting model Pixel, going up to Rs. 76,000 for the top end Pixel XL, we’re clearly in iPhone region here. With Google, people had come to assume the far more sensible pricing we’ve observed in many Nexus phones for years now.

Dissimilar Google, Apple has been indicting a premium for its equipment for a while, and customers have been intrested to pay this because of the consistency that Apple has delivered – persons who buy these Mobiles do so because they assume them to “just work”. Unfortunately, that’s something the Pixel Mobiles aren’t distributing on right now.

Less than a month after the introduction in October, Pixel owners stated of lens flare or a ‘halo effect’ happening around the edge of pictures taken in confident lightning conditions. A Google demonstrative recognized the issue and said the company will try to alleviate it with a software update.

Next day later, other reports recommended the phone failing to dependably pair with Bluetooth of in-car entertainment systems. By the end of October, we perceived of microphones not working on particular Pixel phones.

In November, it was observed that people were facing LTE connectivity issues, particularly with the Band 4 (1700MHz) frequency. This too was recognized by Google representatives and they stated a fix was on the way. In India, the Pixel Mobiles did not support Reliance Jio from last month.

Towards the end of November, few customers stated that screenshots sent from an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to Pixel phones seemed slanted. At the starting of this month, we’ve already observed major camera freezing issues, audio cracking at high volumes for some customers, and the double-tap to wake sign not working consistently.

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