Friday , April 19 2019

H-1B Visa Issue May Be Resolved by PM Modi-Trump Meeting in June

H-1B Visa issue has become a major headache for Indian IT firms and a bill was presented in US parliament to double H-1B Visa minimum salary.


Tackling with the expected fallout of the US government’s offered H-1B visa reform bill in US House of Representatives, Tech Mahindra C.P. Gurnani, MD & CEO, urges that things will become well once Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes to meet US President Donald Trump, most probably in June 2017.

A legislature that calls for doubling the least salary of H-1B visa holders to $130,000 from the present minimum salary of $60,000, has been presented in US House of Representatives – a change that could seriously influence Indian techies in the United States.

“President Trump had a talk with Prime Minister Modi. I am certain they will meet very shortly. Both of them have a business background and both will certainly find out a meeting ground,” Gurnani expressed BTVi in an interview.

“Modi is not shy of nurturing issues or placing issues on the table and neither is Trump. So I do consider that this meeting can occur as early as June and if this meeting occurs in June there should be an optimistic outcome,” he said.

Emphasizing the position of Indian IT firms in the US, Gurnani said: “In the US a few politicians can sponsor a bill but it is for the Congress to agree it’s the right Bill or not. The lookout of Indian industry is very loud and strong.”

He said Indian corporations have been a net depositor in America. India-incorporated IT businesses savings is close to $2 billion (approximately Rs. 13,524 crores) in the US and India integrated IT firms are able to create about 100,000 professions a year in America.

“Likewise we consider that we subsidize to America with very high capable work force since we are retorting to a demand-supply. The realism is that in science, engineering, technology and mathematics, the US wants that smart capital. So it’s a win-win for both America and India,” Gurnani said.

Stating his faith on Trump’s certainty, Gurnani said: “My faith is that India and America both can be prodigious since an American corporation needs the rest of the world as much as they requisite internal America.”

He stated in an average American company 30 percent of their commercial is within the US and 70 percent is external to the US.

On Tech Mahindra’s operations in the US, Gurnani said: “Even before Trump government, we had about six expansion centers, two data centers, two engineering centers and one device testing lab in the United States. And we were having it, localizing it since it was the right thing to do both for Tech Mahindra and our American clients.”

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