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Green Chili Price Too Hot in Hyderabad Telangana

Hyderabad: Think of hot chili and peppers, think about problems. These days, at least.

While red chili farmers are exploited by agents and intermediaries who do not provide a minimum support price, green chili prices in urban markets are increasing day by day.

chili price very high in hyderabad

The lack of chilies in Telangana State and the decline in supply to neighboring countries like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have led to higher prices.

Half a decade ago, Telangana did not depend on any other region or state for green chilies, as the farmers of Chevella, Vikarabad, Nawabpet, Mominpet and Shamirpet in Rangareddy, Kothur and Narayanpet in Mahbubnagar cultivated Green peppers according to the seasons.

Mehdipatnam Prophet Rythu Bazaar K. R. Vijay Kumar said that farmers in parts of Chevella, Shamirpet and Navabpet were growing green chilies.

“Now the markets of the city depend on the offer of Andhra Pradesh and Bengalurur. Because of the smaller arrivals, prices are rising,” he said.

On Wednesday, green chilies were sold on the wholesale markets at Rs 50, followed by Rs 55 (Rythu Bazars), Rs 75 (retail markets) and Rs100 (Super Bazars).

In the last two days, a 100 gram green pack is available at Rs 10 in Super Bazars.

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Mr Kumar said: “It is common in the case of green chilies – the ups and downs are based on supply, we can not say that it will continue until the end of the summer.”

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Green Chili Price Too Hot in Hyderabad Telangana
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