Monday , February 18 2019

Google new “Trusted Contacts” app lets you keep tabs on family

Google new “personal safety app” is another way to share location with your family and friends.


Today Google had launched a “personal safety app” for Android named “Trusted Contacts.” The new application provides one more location-sharing service from the business, one that Google envisages for use in emergency circumstances.

After installing the application, you can flag your preferable contacts as “trusted.” Then you will be capable of giving your locality to a trusted contact or request for their location. The complete app is built round the “emergency” usage, fully with a dead man’s switch for location needs. When somebody asks for your location, you will get a full-screen pop-up letting you agree or deny the appeal. You only have 5 minutes to do this, however—after 5 minutes, your location will be shared inevitably. The safety alarm app idea is that if you are incapable of using your mobile, your trusted contacts will yet be able to find out you.

Much of this functionality already happened in Google Latitude, a contact location app that has been erected into Google Maps for a number of years. After the all-consuming Google+ came out, Latitude was killed in service of a location explanation baked into the social network called “Google+ Location Sharing.” Currently, with G+ being deemphasized through the corporation, it makes sense to put location back into a separate safety alarm app.

This new panic alarm app isn’t quite a spare for G+ Location, though, since there is no “always-on” position sharing mode. You can see somebody’s location when they share it, with a full of 24 hours per location-sharing session. Firm speaks the app is great for having somebody “effectively walk you home if you feel insecure,” but it doesn’t quite seem intended at each day logistics like “when will you be household for dinner?”

The panic alarm app works by using a  Account, and by Trusted Contacts means you’ll also have to have Google Location History twisted on. If a mobile is offline, this feature lets persons see your “last known location” rendering to Google, but, similarly, with Maps, it also means you are sending your location data.

The Android app is available on the Play Store right now. We inquired about an iOS version and were told there are “no particulars to share at this point.”

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