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Google Training computers to identify extremist videos

Google Training computers to detect the offensive content in YouTube

Google Training the computers to identify the offensive content that are appearing with the Ads in YouTube.

Major advertisers are pulling the ads from the Google’s YouTube because of the inappropriate content on the ads.

Moreover, the company depends largely on automated training computers to place the ads on YouTube because it is a very difficult job for the human beings to handle their own and the company promised to step up its efforts to block the ads with offensive content.

So, Google has decided to train the computer to identify the offensive content of racist, anti-semitic and extremist videos.

The team of Google is trying to train the computers to grasp all the videos which are objectionable.

The extremist videos created a nuisance to the YouTube business, where the ads of well-known companies appeared along with offensive videos. Major companies AT&T, Verizon and Johnson & Johnson have pulled their ads from Google’s YouTube after discovering that their brands have been appearing alongside videos that promoting terrorism. Google faced criticism about it as there are millions of users who watch YouTube and it was the most significant video platform on the Internet. Moreover, the advertisers even pulled millions of dollars in the business from the YouTube.

Google’s chief business officer, Philipp Schindler, said: “We take this as seriously as we’ve ever taken a problem and we’ve been in emergency mode.”

Over the past two weeks, the company revamped the Ad policies of YouTube and changed the type of videos that carry advertising, barring with unfair content.

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Now, the company is simplifying how the advertisers can exclude particular sites, channels, and videos across the YouTube and Google’s display network. Google creating an alert when the ad appears next to the discriminatory content.

The company is bringing machine-learning techniques to solve the issue and to identify the content on YouTube which is offensive.

Google is trying to reassure the companies like Unilever with a portfolio of consumer brands like Dove and Ben & Jerry’s. Unilever discovered three instances in which its ads appeared with inappropriate content.

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