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Google Took Down 1.7 Billion Bad Ads in 2016, Twice as Many as 2015

Google Company has taken action on trick to click, tabloid cloakers, etc. and it’s the firm’s best attention to keep the platform free of bad ads.


Google runs one of the largest online ad networks in the world. There is a good probability that nearly every single website you visit has ad posters that Google runs. Being actually well-known means scammers will constantly target it to make several rapid bucks. Google reacts to this illegal behavior by prohibiting the bad ads. In the year 2016, the company had taken down almost 1.7 billion ads that sullied their guidelines, which are twice as numerous ads it had taken down the year before.

There are several means in which scammers try and cheat the credulous Internet user. One of the best ways is by loading malware by viewing fake system cautions (dubbed “trick to click”), making the user to believe their devices are exaggerated and that clicking it will fix the issue. Google have developed the systems that would find out these malicious ads, and in 2016 it had detected and disabled about 112 million bad ads, a 6x upsurge from the previous year.

Then, the search giant also split down on ads that endorse illegal actions or products. For example, 17 million gambling ads that did not have the appropriate authorization were taken down, and 68 million healthcare connected ads that were not genuine were also pulled out.

There are scams that go by the term of ‘tabloid cloakers. You will naturally see what appears like a clickbaity news, but as an alternative of landing on a news portal, you end up landing on a website that sells products.

Google had taken down 1,300 accounts accountable for publishing these bad ads. The company also left the complete nine yards on sites that were supporting payday loans, hanging 8000 websites from the Internet, over and above forbidding 5 million payday loan ads on their podium.

The company also constricted its stance on the upsurge of fake news on the Internet, by presenting a new AdSense misrepresentative content strategy. After revising over 500 websites that were alleged of misleading its audience, with some of them even imitating as news organizations, stroke was taken against 340 of them and 200 originators were eternally kicked out of Google’s ad network.

Google marks a bulk of their revenue by using ads, so it’s in their finest interest to keep malicious sites from sneaking into their system, and lose client faith. Beyond this, they are also working with publishers to make ads that aren’t as flashy ads.

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