Tuesday , April 23 2019

Google tests ways to encourage news subscription

Google is operational on new tools to assist media outlets to boost their online subscription replicas.


Google is functioning on new tools to aid “dozens” of media outlets to boost their online subscription prototypes, stated reports. The testing will include restoration of its “first click free” feature that lets admittance via Google search results to an article that needs the subscription, online payment procedure and targeting prospective subscribers. It is being stated that the firm might also lessen the number of free articles customers can access from three in a day.

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Bloomberg had formerly stated Google is developing such tools and has instigated testing them with the Financial Times and New York Times. It is being eminent that much of the journal can now not exclusively live on advertising only and the growing internet hits on social media networking sites like Facebook can aid them to sustain in the market.

Rendering to a declaration by eMarketer, Facebook and Google together collect closely half of global spending advertisements. The previous year, the US-digital marketing has grown by $12 billion with over 77 percent involvement from the two companies alone.

In the meantime, the two have been involved in numerous programs to gratify media outlets. Whereas Facebook is developing a tool to empower users to subscribe to news groups through its mobile app, Google has empowered publishers to put up pay walls for articles conveyed through Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) which are fast-loading and perform in Google search results on smartphones, stated the Wall Street Journal.

More development over Google’s project is predictable to hear in the month of September.

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