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Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in Chrome for Android

Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in in Chrome for Android

The first code of the Copyless Paste, which is meant to take the data from the Chrome usage and uses it to improve the experience in other apps.

One of the most used commands of the Keyboard Shortcuts is Copy and Paste. It is the staple of modern technology era. But the search engine giant Google is going to cut down the Copy and Paste steps. It is going to introduce a new feature named as “Copyless Paste”. Currently, Google is testing the new feature on the Android device.

The new feature ‘Copyless Paste’ will enable the users to paste the text without making any copy of it.

The feature totally doesn’t cut out the copy command but it reduces the use of the copy, but it can trigger out what the user might want to copy. The triggered out text can be used in different apps.

For example, if the user opened a restaurant website and then after that if he switched to the Maps app then the keyboard will show the name of the restaurant as the suggestion to enter in the search bar. Moreover, the new feature mainly works based on the context where it can figure out the text.

Reports from the XDA-Developers say that despite numerous attempts to visit restaurant websites, suggestions based on that it will give a pop up to the users.

The new feature was firstly reported in the month of March at that time the brief details of the feature was not known. According to the reports, Google had already started working on it and currently, it is the testing the ‘Copyless Paste’ feature and sooner the company will deploy the feature Chrome 60 for Android, which will be launched in the next few months.

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The new feature has some restrictions where it doesn’t work if the user is using an Incognito Mode on Chrome for Android. The feature is also not available in the lower end Android Phones and probably the feature will show up more widely in the Android O after its release.

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