Wednesday , April 24 2019

Google Silently Phases Out ‘Google Cast’ Branding for TVs, Speakers

Changes made in the internet-connected TV space are tough. Looking the perfect way to market this technology to customers may, however, be even tougher.


Example: Google has been phasing put the ‘Google Cast’ branding for TVs and internet-associated loudspeakers that are well-suited with Google’s own Chromecast streaming adapters. Instead, the organization and its partners have swapped to narrate these products as having “Chromecast built-in.”

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The modification have been occuring silently in recent weeks, and likely concurred with the introduction of Google Home, the organization answer to Amazon’s Echo that is closely combined with Chromecast. Hardware partners like Vizio, Toshiba and Philips all have started to promote their cast-enabled TVs with the latest language, and Vizio has even detached previous mentions of “Google Cast” from its website.

Google’s own websites have underway to catch up with the modification, with now announcing that Google Cast is “also known as Chromecast built-in.” The Google Home website doesn’t custom “Google Cast” at all further, but Google’s Android TV website still calls the technology by its old name.

Google Cast is still predictable to live on as a name for a set of developer technologies intended at assisting publishers make their apps cast-compatible. Google didn’t respond to a request for statement.

Dumping the “Google Cast” customers branding is a bit of a reversal for Google. The company 1st introduced casting technology, which permits customers to launch the playback of online videos on their TVs from their Cell phones, with the launch of its Chromecast streaming dongle in 2013.

Google then revealed Google Cast as a customer-facing brand for partner devices integrating this technology when it revealed its Android TV platform a year later to give customers electronics manufacturers a way to signal that their devices are well-suited with Chromecast-ready apps.

Google consequently partnered with audio apparatus manufacturers for cast-capable internet-connected speakers. And previous this year, Vizio was the 1st TV manufacturer to ditch smart TV apps and in its place add casting technology directly to its new TVs. Since then, both Toshiba and Philips have launched their own cast-capable TV sets.


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