Sunday , February 17 2019

Google shows improved self-driving system in Chrysler Pacifica

According to Google, self-driving technology is further dependable and affordable present.


Google revealed its modern self-driving system in a Chrysler Pacifica minivan during a Sunday preview ahead of the Detroit auto show, stated that technology is more dependable and affordable.

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The statement came from John Krafcik, head of Google’s Waymo team, whose search for partners to develop and install the company’s self-driving technology into real cars has so far produced only an association with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and an awaiting deal with Honda Motor Co.

Headlining a future mobility meeting during the show’s media preview, Krafcik stated Waymo’s advance set of autonomous hardware and software incorporated a latest array of sensors, including an enhanced vision system, enhanced radar and laser-based lidar, all developed and built in-house.

Krafcik stated Waymo had lowered the cost of a single lidar unit by ninety percent, to about $7,500. Among main outside suppliers of this technology, Velodyne Lidar Inc and Quanergy Systems Inc both have stated that they are developing smaller solid-state lidar units that ultimately would cost $200 or less.

Waymo’s current test fleet of self-driving cars, with some specially equipped Lexus RX450s and Google’s own “Firefly” prototypes, has accumulated nearly 2.5 million miles in less than 80  years, generally on city streets.

Krafcik said Waymo intentional to test the first self-driving Pacificas this month on communal roads in California and Arizona. He did not state when the system would be ready to install in production vehicles.

Delphi Automotive Plc (DLPH.N) and Mobileye NV (MBLY.N) have spoken they are collaborating on a self-driving system that could be vented to automakers beginning in 2019.

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Google shows improved self-driving system in Chrysler Pacifica
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