Thursday , February 21 2019

Google Revamped the My App section of Google Play Store

Google Play Store My App

A new Interface has been updated for the Google Play’s My App Section and it is rolling out to the users.

Google has made the changes to the My Apps section of the Google Play Store and the revamped section of the application is rolling out to the Android users. The new interface provides the users with better-organized categories than the previous one. It allows the users to free the space on the device and can sort the applications based on their interest it may be in Alphabetical order, last updated, last used or based on the size.

The latest update of the Play Store has made changes to the My Apps and Games Section of the Play Store. With the latest update, the users can easily categorize the list of the installed apps based on their Interest. The users can easily trigger out the apps which are not updated as well as the apps which have not been used for some time.

Google Play Store Revamped features

The users can easily uninstall the apps which they feel harder to use with the help of the new Interface. The interface added a dedicated tab for the update and removed the subscription tab. In the latest update, the icons size was decreased so that the users can view more items than before in a single glance and can easily manage the applications.

In the latest update the all tab section was renamed as “Library” and it provides the list of apps which the users have installed before by syncing with the Google Account.

The latest update is rolling out only for the few users and sooner it is expected to show up for everyone. Android Police states that clearing the data of Google Play Store might help some of the users to get the update.

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The latest update has brought only one change which might not sit well with the many users. In order to install the apps, the users cannot install form their library batches they need to individually install the apps what they need.

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