Monday , March 18 2019

Google Revamped the Google Earth by adding 3D view and guided tours

Google Earth updated version

Google has updated the Google Earth and it is now available in both Web and Android Google Play.

Google has made changes to one of most interesting services, Google Earth. The company has revamped the changes of the Google Earth with new layout and features. The new update of the Google Earth allow the users to view specific location in the 3D maps, the users can know about the different places around the world and it also guides the users.

The new update of Google Earth also added an I’m Feeling Lucky button; by clicking on the button it will take the users to an unexpected place like for example it may be from opera houses in Italy to hot springs in Japan and it will then throw cards onscreen to give you trivia about the place. It will allow the users to view all the locations in three dimensions it may be in your browser or on a mobile device with the help of new 3D feature. The 3D button is in corner of the UI by clicking on it the users will be able to view the historical, geographical and architecture marvels which are present around the world.

Google Earth in 3D

It also contains a new section ‘Voyager’ which gives the user with the curated content and provides the tales to explore in the Google Earth. The tales are provided with high rich media, 360-degree videos of landmarks which emphasize the user with great places around the world and would be one of the best ways to know about the places which are in the world. The company has partnered with DigitalGlobe and the BBC for content.

The updated Google Earth is now available on Web and Google Play Store and soon it will be coming to the iOS and other browsers.

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