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Google rescue ‘Better Ads Report’ for 2016

1.7 billion ads were barred from misleading, promoting illegal products and impractical offers in 2016.


In line with its continued assurance to creating the web a better place for customers by protecting them from confusing, unsuitable, or harmful ads, Google has released its annual ‘Better Ads Report’ for 2016. It took down 1.7 billion ads over the previous year that dishonored its advertising policies; more than double the number of bad ads it took down in 2015.

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“A free and open web is a vigorous resource for customers and businesses around the world. And ads play the main role in confirming that you have permission to accurate, quality information online. But bad ads can decay the online experience for everyone. They promote prohibited products and unrealistic offers. They can fake people into sharing personal information and infect devices with harmful software. Eventually, bad ads stance a threat to users, Google’s partners, and the sustainability of the open web itself”, stated Scott Spencer, director of product management, Supportable Ads.

The previous year, Google did two key things to take down more bad ads. First, it prolonged its policies to better protect consumers from misleading and predatory offers. For example, in July it introduced a policy to ban ads for payday loans, which often result in excessive payments and high default rates for users. In the 6 months since launching this policy, it disabled more than five million payday loan ads.

Second, it beefed up its technology to identify and disable bad ads even quicker. As an example, “trick to click” ads usually seem as system warnings to deceive users into clicking on them, not realizing they’re usually downloading harmful software or malware. In 2016, Google detected and disabled a complete of 112 million ads for “trick to click,” 6X over in 2015.

According to the report, the most common inappropriate on-line ads were ads for illegal products. Google disabled over sixty-eight million bad ads for healthcare violations and seventeen million bad ads for illegal gambling violations in 2016.

Protecting consumers against deceptive ads that try to drive clicks and views by intentionally deceptive people with false information like asking, “Are you at risk for this rare, skin-eating disease?” or offering miracle cures like a pill that may assist you lose fifty pounds in 3 days while not lifting a finger, in 2016, Google took down nearly eighty million bad ads for deceiving, misleading and shocking users.

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