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Google Releases New Product: How Good Is The Review For ‘Google Wifi Router?’

Google Releases New Product: WiFi routers are absolutely needed anywhere in this generation, with people depending already with the internet: their jobs, school works, online meetings and the like. Thus, Google introduces its own Wi-Fi Mesh Router System that has been told to be one of its successful launches.


Google Introduces “Google WiFi” Now Available For Regular Sales since Last Tuesday

Technology has become so innovative these days that some companies have managed to transmute routers from being practical computer hardware to design systems that can be placed at the luxury of one’s home.  By using more than just one wireless access is called a mesh system, which is proposed to fix issues that are faced by a traditional router, like dead zone issues that could cause the loss of an internet connection. Now, Google has recently come into into the mesh system, following the Eero, Net gear and other startups as well that has launched their router devices known as the Google Wi-Fi.

It can be reminded that Google has already launched a router system before, prior to the new one they have recently launched now. That one was called On Hub, which took three years for them to make and boils down the traditional router system. Google Wi-Fi is also low-priced compared to its competitors, costing $299 as a three pack and sold individually for $129. The packing depends on the range that the router covers, with the three-pack being able to cover a ground of 4,500 sq. ft. while the individual unit covers 1,500 sq. ft. If the consumer has any interest in covering more ground, there can be extra units added depending on the area.

Review On Google Wi-Fi: Similar Issues With Rival Companies

The Google Wi-Fi does not have a modem, only has two Ethernet ports and is compatible only with its Google stable mates, such as On Hub once the Wi-Fi is rotated off and other modem or router devices are being connected to it. Just similar to any other routers that exist right now, it still deals with the same problems, with the connection not going up as far as they had intended especially in another level of the structure. However, it has more or less the same internet speed with other products and can be bought at a faintly cheaper price.

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