Friday , December 14 2018

Google Play Store adds a new ‘Free app of the week’ section

Google Play Store

Google Play store includes a new section ‘Free app of the week’ which highlights the weekly offers on popular apps.

In the recent weeks, Google Play store has made a lot of new features including the one which allowed Programmers to display sales on their applications. The plays store also includes free offers in it.

Now, the play store is developing a new feature which displays the weekly offers on popular apps and named it as “Free app of the week”.

Currently, the new feature of “Free app of the Week” is not available to the users in India, the feature is expected to be coming soon.

Currently, the play store is listing the popular gaming app “Card Wars: Adventure Time” in the Free app of the Week section and displaying that the app is free now, where it previous pricing was $2.99. It also listed that the app is freely available for another five days.

Based on the user’s interest, the free app of the week section can be stopped on the play store apps page and it can also be viewed on mobiles as well as desktops.In any week the ‘free app of the week’ will highlight deals on some popular apps.

The play store also spotted with some other changes there has been some change in the My Apps feature. Now, the apps will be divided into four different tabs- installed, Library, Updates, and Beta. The new revamp in the My Apps section allow the users to sort the Library and Installed tabs with alphabetical order, size, last used and last updated. The changes in the My Apps section was shared on Twitter by Twitter user @YTSecurity, and shared by 9to5Google.

It is also expected that the Google  Play store is getting a new section of editorial page soon, which allow the company’s editor to hand pick games offering finest gaming experience on Android.

The company has recently completed its five years and highlighted the event by releasing a list of successful games, apps.

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