Thursday , February 21 2019

Google Play Music subscription service available in India

Google Play Music

Google has launched the company’s music streaming service Google Play Music at a cost of Rs.89 per month after a 30 day free trial.

Last year in India, Google introduced Play Music Store and now finally it launched a music Subscription services for the users in India, Google Play Music.

The application is just similar to Apple Music which allows the users to stream millions of songs. The app allows the users to access the music of different languages and it is categorized into different sections like Music directors, artists, favorites and offers playlists based on the user’s music interest. Even it allows the users to watch the videos in the application.

The price to subscribe for the Google Play Music All Access is Rs 89 per month (30-day free trial), this price is valid only for the first 45 days after that period the subscription price is Rs 99 per month.

Last year the company introduced Google Play Music where it is specified with limitation and used to charge Rs. 100 per album and Rs. 15 per song.

But now the new launch of Google Play Music has a huge collection of music albums, it has about 35 million songs which can be streamed, downloaded or can be saved offline at a cheaper price.

Moreover, Google had an ad-supported free tier where the users can upload 50,000 of songs to their Play Music without any payment dime all they need to have is Google Account.

The Play Music also has an interesting feature which offers playlist based on the user’s mood, situations, and activities. By accessing the user’s location it can trigger whether the user is at home, work or at traveling based on it will create the playlists for the users.

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The app is different from Apple Music where to offers a 3 month trial period and a subscription cost is Rs 120 per month and the family plan cost Rs 190 per month which is far different from Play Music.

If the users already have a Pre-installed Play Music then they can subscribe by updating it, which will automatically show the option to subscribe. After the subscription the First 30 days is a free trial after that the users will be charged with Rs 89 per month.

The app is available on Android and iOS.

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