Thursday , February 21 2019

Google Photos “People” Folder disappearing for the users

Google Photos People folder is missing

Users of Google Photos reporting an issue in the ‘People’ folders of the app that the folder is missing for some of the users.

Google’s Storage device and photo sharing app is Google Photos which allow the users to efficiently store the videos and images on their smartphones. It even organizes all the pictures and labels them into different groups. It stores the files based on the date, location, and time and on the other factors.

One of the most interesting features of Google Photos is it facial recognition that it recognizes the faces of the people in which the photos are shared and then separates them into different folders which will be named as “people” folder which is helpful for the users to easily track the images of the particular people whether it may be a friend, family member or any husky person.

But from the past few days, the users have reported that the ‘People’ folder from the Google Photos app was missing. The users have complained about the issue in the large number because the user’s tagged photos are disappearing from the folder without any acknowledgment. The users are worried about their missing albums.

The users posted about the issue in the Google’s Product forum where many people are facing the same issue. Some of the users claim that they can’t see any list of the people and other claims that the list of the list of the people is very small and missing many of them in it.

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Google Photos team has acknowledged the issue and said in a Product Forum post that it is working on it and will fix the issue. This shows that a bug in the application making the issue to the users. Google recommended the users for checking whether the ‘Face Grouping’ option is on/off. If the face grouping option is off then it will delete the face groups in your account. So, in order to switch on the Face Grouping app the users have to open the Google Photos app and at the top left the tap on the Menu> Settings > Face grouping > On.

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