Friday , December 14 2018

Google Maps for Android Gets Street View Integration and New Bottom Bar

Google Maps

Google Maps added two new features which will allow the users to get easy access while navigating through the roads.

The Search giant engine Google has added a new feature to the Google Maps that might make the users life a little easier while navigating through the roads. Google added a new Street View integration to the direction screen in the app and even added a new bar at the bottom of the screen which allows the user to get the easy access to some of the useful tools within the app.

The new changes in the Google Maps were first noted by the Android Police and as per the reports, the users will now see the thumbnails from the Google Street view on the directions while navigating to a certain location. On tapping the thumbnails the users will get a full 360-degree view from the Google Street view with the location set for the next turn, as pointed out in the report. The new integration will help the users in making the Precise turns and will hopefully prevent them from making the wrong routes while traveling.

Google Maps Street View

Android Police points out that the Google also added a new feature with a new user interface of the app where it includes a bottom bar which allows the user with the easy access to the directions and more information to the users within the app. The interface changes the floating direction button with a more recognizable option to reduce complexities among the users.

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The new features are not showing up in the Google Maps right now only the Street view thumbnails are showing the versions of the Google Maps as far back as v9.51.1. And the bottom bar will be showing up in the version of 9.52.0 ad its later apps according to the reports. The new features will be rolled out very soon to the users and the changes will be shown up on the Android Version and sooner it will get updated even in the iOS version too.

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