Thursday , February 21 2019

Google Maps allows users to save parking location

Google Maps new feature allow the users to  store notes, pictures, and the location of car.

Google Maps quietly added a new feature that will allow the users to save the parking location. The feature is quite interesting and simple Just Park your car, opens up Google Maps, and tap on the blue location dot. The users will be getting a menu showing to “save your parking” which allow the users to store all the information in order to find their car again.

Google maps new feature

The new feature will save the current location and points to a big “P” icon on the map. The feature wouldn’t be enough for a multistory parking garage, though, it allows the users to save the information about the parking slot. Users can adjust the dot location, add photos and can type notes related to the car parking. In a case of a parking meter, the users can even set a “time left” field which reminds the user about the remaining time.

Google Maps-Save your Parking

After providing all the details, Google Maps will pop-up a notification reminding you that you have saved the parking spot. The notification and the “P” icon on Google Maps will stick around the app until you open the parking information and hit “clear” or save a different parking spot.

Google Maps-Store the notes

This new “parking saving” feature is a lot better than Google’s existing feature. This new feature allows the users to store all that extra info and gives you the peace of mind knowing that the information will actually be there when you get back.

The new feature seems to be working only on Android Google Maps v9.49, but there was no feature differences between the iOS and Android versions of Google Maps, which will hit iOS once the new version successfully navigates the app store’s update process.

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