Friday , April 26 2019

Google makes it easier to read the web pages offline in Chrome for Android Users

Google Chrome Update

Google introduced a new feature in the Chrome for the Android where it allows the users to view the pages in the offline.

The search engine giant Google has introduced the option to save the pages offline in the Chrome for the Android Users and now Google introduced one more interesting feature in the Chrome for the Android Users it came with processing and the downloading the pages altogether. There are several apps which allow the users to save the web pages for the offline reading and the company says that there are more than 45 million web pages that are downloaded every week through the Google Chrome.

The latest update of the Chrome is already available for the Android Users in the Google Play Store, the new update of the chrome will allow the users to save the web pages offline by long pressing on the links and then selecting the “Download Page Later” option. This new feature is also available when the user long presses on any article suggesting on the new tab page.

Google Chrome

The company also said that in the next update the users will see the Chrome’s offline dinosaur, where they will get a ‘Download Page Later’ option. So that it will automatically download the web page for the offline reading next time when they are online, it also made easier to view the offline content of the browser. The company said in its blog, when the users open a new tab they will see the articles which they have downloaded tagged with the new offline badge. It also shows the list of the users downloads right on the page for the easy access.

The Main purpose of introducing the new feature in the Chrome for the Android users is to ease up the process of downloading the web pages for the offline use.

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