Sunday , February 17 2019

Google launched a new AutoDraw app for drawing

Google AutoDraw

Google launched a new drawing app, AutoDraw which turns terrible sketches into works of art.

Google has launched a new AutoDraw website that allows the users to draw their favorite artistic paintings. The new AutoDraw from Google is quite different from the Microsoft’s Paint, the Web application uses and Artificial Intelligence technique and recognizes the users drawing and suggests the professional made arts, turning the users Zigzag drawings into a professional art of work.

When the user starts drawing, the Artificial Intelligence of the AutoDraw starts recognizing the users perspective of drawing and suggests with the relevant frame of arts that the user actually want to do which is make the things into the reality.


The AutoDraw Tool has been named as the Fast drawing tool for everyone. It works by providing the black canvas and allows the user for drawing the lines which can be done easily by using the mouse or finger if the touchscreen is being used.

The tool also contains a paint bucket for filling, different colours and even also to write the text. It also features pre-determined shapes which will be directly added to the canvas. It attempts to find out what is being depicted by the user and offers the better one of it.

In the tool, the user selected object can be moved , rotated, dragged it whether it may be horizontal or vertical size and even can flip it from left to right or top to bottom of the canvas.

For example, if a user wants to draw the picture of a tree, then the AI recognizes the users perspective of drawing a tree layout then it suggests with relevant pictures by popping up Do you mean: In the top of the tool. Then by clicking on the required suggestion will make a professionally drawn version. After that the resulting image can be shared, downloaded or can be used at leisure.

AutoDraw Tool of tree

The tool is available at the website and works for PCs as well as smartphones and tablets.

AutoDraw tool for tree of real version






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