Wednesday , March 20 2019

Google Hangouts is removing SMS function

Google is removing SMS feature  from its “Hangouts”in order to make it  a better Slack rival.

Communication Platform of Google Google Hangouts which provides different features like video chat, SMS, VOIP and Instant Messaging.


Now, Google is removing the instant messaging feature which allows the users to send and receive SMS messages from its Hangouts service. According to an email sent to its G Suite administrators. The email, posted in its entirety on Reddit, which is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website says that the company will remove the option from hangouts on May 22nd, and will prompt users to find a new default messaging service beforehand.

Google Hangouts removing SMS function

The hangout users will see a message from March 27th informing about the removal of the SMS feature. If the users already have an another chat app installed, Hangouts will ask the users to choose it as the default, if not the app will direct the users to the Google Play Store to find a new another alternative.

From May 22nd, the users of hangouts who send and receive the message will no longer have an option to do so. But the users who send messages via Google voice numbers will be able to continue as before.

Google made the changes as it shifts Hangouts’ focus, shifting the messaging service to take on workplace communications tool Slack.

The removal of the SMS function, which is not usually caused for celebration, it’s perhaps a wise move in a world where the company already has a many number of chat apps which includes mobile-only video-centric “Google Duo”, text-based chat app “Allo”, and the recently announced Android Messages.

The last app that’s designed to handle Google’s end user SMS service, and it’s probably a good idea to download it now, ahead of time, if you’re still using Hangouts for your texts.

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