Wednesday , March 27 2019

Google Hangouts Gets Slack-Like Update

Google Hangouts overhaul splits service into ‘Meet’ and ‘Chat’ products


Google has introduced its overhauled Hangouts product, announed that it now functions with two of its main experiences: Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. According to Google, Hangouts Meet would be a video experience in which people can talk face-to-face with some little effort. This is also joined by Hangouts Chat, which is exactly what it sounds like: the service’s chatting product for people to talk through text.

Google took the wraps off with its new Hangouts offering today, all the while encouraging companies to consider how well it’ll work for them, as well as anyone. People who have used Hangouts ultimately will be able to get the same uses from it: talking with friends, family members and others via text-based messages; video calls can also be made between the users in a way that isn’t dissimilar from Skype.

Google says it deliberately designed to its ‘Meet’ product to have a fast and lightweight interface, as well as ‘smart participation management.’ Users can make initiate video chats via link that is shared with all the planned participants. Users don’t need an account to participate in meet, nor do they have to download anything.

Then, of course, there’s the ‘Chat’ product, it’s probably a way for two or more people to talk with each other via messaging. The Chat product features virtual rooms and threaded conversations, a search feature with filtering options, and has a integration with other Google products like Docs and Drive. The chatting platform also features some third-party integrations including ones like Box.

Hangouts Meet has launched today, while Hangouts Chat is currently be available through Google’s Early Adopter Program.

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