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Google “Fact Check” tool Now available worldwide

Google Fack Check

Google Fact Check tool is now available worldwide to prevent the fake news that are spreading in social networks, search engines and websites.

In this digital world, information is passing to everyone within a blink of an eye, the users can access the information in many different ways through the Internet using search engines, social networks, online news portals etc.

As there is a high usage of technology nowadays, it should be used in a correct way. But there is a misuse of the technology were some of the people propagating fake news. The fake news problem is very serious one and both Google and Facebook have faced severe concerns regarding the fake news.

Google Fact check too

Both the companies assured to provide relevant news by introducing a fact check tool which works through an algorithmic process where the live stories and articled will be get linked to the fact checking websites. This tool allows the users to quickly evaluate whether it is a relevant or fake story when they read online.

Initially, the tool was available only in the US and UK which was launched in the last October, but now the Google is making the tool available to all the users in the Worldwide and expanding the tool to Google Search results  as well.

This feature tells the users whether the article is relevant or not by using the fact check label in the search results. It places a fact check tag on the search results to show true or false.

The company is also working with the organisations like PolitiFact and Snopes to enable the feature and supporting the publishers to fact check the information. This was Google’s first effort to prevent the fake news and the checked links won’t get any privileges and all will depend on the SEO.

Moreover, the fact checks are done by the third parties and not by the company, so differing thoughts can crop up here and there.

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The publishers and news websites who want to enable the tool can view it by using “Fact Check” tag have been advised by the Google to use the ClaimReview markup. The publishers can head to Google help centre to know more about the procedure.

Facebook also offering a tool to prevent the fake news’s it is adding the tips which tell whether the stories are relevant or bogus. The company has added an “awareness display” in the news feeds.

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